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Sushi 101


Project Info


Sushi is an art, a delicacy known for for being both simple and an enigma simultaneously. A traditional Japanese staple, Sushi has now become a part of the Western food culture. However, not many people that eat sushi (most of us out of a box at a cafe) don’t know what this intricate preparation entails. This project was meant to study the making and consumption of sushi and break it down for enthusiasts who want to try but are afraid of the intricacies involved.


Understanding and communicating the several ingredients and their combinations that create different kinds of sushi was the challenge  in this project. We as a team had a ball trying all the sushi we could, some that were not part of the palette we’d grown up with, but consumed nevertheless and watching the chefs assembling this delicacy with the utmost elegance and speed. It was difficult to bring all different aspects of the cuisine together in one infographic, one that would engage and encourage beginners to try their first sushi.


Team 180 created an interactive infographic as a solution that could be incorporated in digital displays or online menus for restaurants. This infographic catered to individuals of all tastes - ones who cannot eat raw fish, want to avoid spice, vegan, sashimi-lovers, adventurous ones and the hesitant ones. The infographic informa a newbie about the different types of sushi, the ingredients in them and the etiquette of consumption.

180_Sushi_1_Hero image.jpg
180_Sushi_3_Infographic 2.jpg
180_Sushi_4_Infographic 3.jpg
180_Sushi_5_Infographic 3.jpg
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