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Making Freight by Rail Easier

— RailConnect™ Visibility and Planning

RVP alleviates the complexities of the
supply chain, enables informed real-time
decision-making, and bring predictability
and efficiency to freight rail. 


• Product design
• Revisited all the existing designs and adapt to Wabtec's new design system
• Sketch, Zeplin, Miro, Adobe suite
• Duration: June 2020 - November 2020

What's RVP?

RailConnect Visibility and Planning benefits rail shippers, short lines, and class 1s, by providing an unified tool to order, release, and bill railcars against forecasted production needs with greater precision and efficiency.

By using RVP, users can view the inbound/outbound railcar availability for up to 30 days of demand forecase, reducing the time spent searching for information through one comprehensive information source, and automating work-order by setting up templates.



Unlike TMS, CH, and other rail products that have been running in the market for decades. RVP is a new concept that was developed and introduced to the market in 2019. To accelerate the implementation process, RVP was developed by using the Mendix (a low-code application development platform) as the base.

The restriction of component usage, layout, and interaction really tight the designer's hand to create the product that aligns with solutions they came up with based on a full cycle of the design thinking process. The time been I took over RVP's design baton, leadership decided to shift strategy from each rail product run by silos to merge all the products into one RailConnect™ suite by sharing one branding and design system.


• Transitioning user interface to meet the new design system
• Building the bridge between RVP and rest of RailConnect products to enable smooth transition across applications.
• To revisit all the design & develop compromises restricted by Mendix and optimizing existing solutions to enhance product usability

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