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New Wave Exhibition

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In the 1970s, an experimental typography exploration led by Wolfgang Weingart started to question established international typographic standards, defies the rigorous and rationale of the grid system, and explore the further potential in typography. A typography movement, the so-called New Wave or Swiss Punk typography emerged and hit the world. we were responded to design the entire exhibition visual system and relevant product.


In this exhibition design project, Wolfgang Weingart and other significant contributors of the new wave movement including Dan Friedman, Willi Kunz, Gregory Vines, Kathrine Mccoy, and April Greiman’s masterworks will exhibit to the audience. Through this exhibition, we hope to bring a deeper understanding of how did New Wave Typography arise and impact contemporary graphic design. Besides, each designer’s design philosophy, style and how did they create the work at that age will through this exhibition display to viewers.

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