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Atlanta is a city with deep roots in music. This historical background has fully embodied in the Sweet Auburn neighborhood. Whatever back to 1930s, the Royal Peacock as one of the most popular African-American-owned blues and R&B nightclubs in Atlanta, provided an elegant setting where many African Americans could perform and bring the changing styles of black popular music to here, till today’s Sweet Auburn that celebrates the annual Auburn Springfest, Sweet Auburn Music Festival, and Sweet Auburn Heritage Festival. The festival’s entertainment varies from comedians to and coming artists from diverse genres of music. Music always plays a significant role in this neighborhood to bring people Vigor and vitality. Musiqual is a concept of non-profit organization buildup by folks who are passionate about music and would love to donate their love to support this neighborhood. The volunteers will take their part-time to provide free fundamental music lessons to people who live in the Sweet Auburn neighborhood but would never have a chance to afford the schooling and instruments. We hope music can become a bridge that encourages them to integrate into society, maintain a sense of self-worth, and accomplish their dreams. 


Sweet Auburn historical district, as one of the most influential locations in African American history, established a series of significant businesses, congregations, and social organizations. However, in recent decades, lacking investment, crime and abandonment have made sweet auburn, and residents who live here suffer the recession and poverty. Unemployment, housing cost burden, and living doubled up caused a lot of people to live in misery and ultimately become homeless. Inertia and insolence make them excluded from society. There is a large number of homeless and disadvantaged members living in Sweet Auburn. It does not only affect the local economies but causes a high rate of crime. Both of these effects can influence the revitalization of the neighborhood. How to help them out of the woods and readmission into society becomes one of the leading problems in Sweet Auburn.

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