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Lao Chun Hua

180_LCH_1_Hero image.jpg


Lao Chun Hua is a local children’s clothing brand in China. They make apparels that are inspired by freedom, childhood, and the true nature of kids. The brand had been around for a while before they approached us for a refresh.


While the brand signified what it means to be a child, and the users were children, the buyers of their product were parents. The visual experience had to be designed in a manner that appealed not only to children but also adults. We spun this around to create a tone of voice that brought out the child in adults that visited the physical or online stores. Abstract shapes derived from free motion, a bright color palette, and compositions that elicited a joyous response were used to build the visual language for LCH. The logo is made of the letter LCH and depicts a nostalgic rocking horse toy that is symbolic of adventures, free spirits, and innocence.

180_LCH_11_Mockup 1.jpg
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180_LCH_13_Mockup 3.jpg
180_LCH_14_Mockup 4.jpg
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