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Auburn Avenue Branding

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The Sweet Auburn Historic District is a historic African-American neighborhood along and surrounding Auburn Avenue, east of downtown Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Auburn Avenue used to be known as “the greatest street in the world.” The one great neighborhood has fallen victim to lack of investment, crime, and abandonment. As a critical historical block in America’s history, most of the tourists only are attracted by the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site. The vision of this project was to restore the identity of the neighborhood to its historic prominence. The Branding of Auburn Avenue strives to revive commercial growth and bring back the vitality that once thrived in the neighborhood. The project was aimed at giving the street’s history the recognition it deserved and attracting tourists to experience and appreciate the colorful Auburn Avenue Culture.


Inspiring from the vibrant history of Auburn Avenue and its culture to create an equally engaging brand. Separate compositions for each alphabet in the street name were brought together to replicate the dynamism in the street that had been lost. The brand was extended to create banners, posters, merchandise, and other items that residents and tourists could purchase to create revenue and use to create endorsement.

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