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Atlanta Moms


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Atlanta Moms is a website that caters to parents and grandparents who search for family-friendly events and activities that they can enjoy with their kids in and around Atlanta. The website features over 80 local parenting guides including Maternity Stores, Pediatricians, Birthday party planning, and Education. Meanwhile, the Atlanta moms work with local and national businesses to increase exposure and sales via online advertising and social media. This project was meant to make available all the wonderful offerings of the initiative through a website.


This existing Atlanta Moms website was two things - 1. Extremely text-heavy and hence difficult to visual digest. 2. Not engaging enough to reflect the community that it represented. The challenge here was to curate and present the large amount of content on the existing website in a manner that is interesting and easy on the audience’s eyes. This was achieved by systematically sorting all content and organizing it into a map of the website that reveals layers of information in the sequence that they need to be accessed.


180_Atlanta Moms_2_Mockup.png
180_Atlanta Moms_3_Mockup.png
Event Filter
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Event Detail
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180_Atlanta Moms_6_Mockup.png

All you need inside of one calendar

180_Atlanta Moms_7_Mockup.jpg

Picking great local event to spend time with kids

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