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Usually, go by "Murph". I'm a Sr. User Experience designer currently at Dataminr, AI Division, HAI (Human-AI Innovation) Team. My goal is to leverage state-of-the-art AI technologies into my design to help maximize human work efficiency and improve human quality of life. At Dataminr, I work closely with AI scientists, Data analysts, UX researchers, and other xFn team members to deliver high-impact events and emerging risks to other clients so that they can mitigate and manage crises more effectively. 

Before Dataminr, I worked at GE (General Electric) Transportation one of the leading companies in the supply chain industry. At GET, I was leading the product design of the Transportation Management System (TMS), a flagship product under the RailConnect™ suite.

Apart from my full-time work job, I'm also a design partner at 180 Design Studio.

I earned my Master of Arts degree from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and was featured as one of two outstanding graduates in Graphic Design and Visual Experience major in GDUSA's annual STUDENTS-TO-WATCH 2019.

Outside of professional life, I love to experience different cultures and have always been on the road to travel. Ever since the pandemic, my path has slowed down in exploring the world however I have started new roles and trying new things. Now, I have become a husband and a fur kid Kiwi's father (he is a chubby English bulldog). I started paddling and hiking last summer and I practice meditation every day.


If you are interested to know more about me or need any design help, please feel welcome to get in touch!

+1 770.608.7180

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